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About us

ReVibe Energy® was founded to provide sensors and monitoring systems with a power source that is both sustainable and reliable – something that hasn’t been possible before. Through a unique vibration energy harvesting technology, our products offers our customers the possibility to convert vibrations that exist in most industrial environments to electricity to fully power their sensor and monitoring systems.

Our vision

To establish ReVibe Energy® as the market leader within vibration energy harvesting

Highlighted Partners

Saab Defence & Security and Qamcom Technologies are both leaders within their respective industry and constitutes massive resources in terms of expertise and experience. Both companies are shareholders in ReVibe Energy.


Strategic partners

We’ve teamed up with a few fantastic companies and organisations that will help us in building a successful company, something that we are tremendously proud of.




In order to build a successful company, we’re making sure to cooperate with the best partners there are around. To have access to the skills and resources of these companies and organisations is a fantastic asset for us.