David vs. Goliath Story Using Simulation Software in the Startup World

Have you ever heard the story of David and Goliath? The old tale tells of how the young David defeated the mighty giant Goliath with daring and clever methods instead of traditional ones. At ReVibe Energy, we’ve been inspired by the story. Now, we’re not aiming to triumph over our competitors using the same means David used against Goliath, but rather to attract potential customers through innovative and agile methods. By using engineering simulation software from ANSYS we can distinguish ourselves from our competitors and offer current and prospective customers better products in a shorter amount of time.               From 16 to 6 weeks – How We Are Speeding Up Our Product Development Cycle We offer our customers a power source that never runs out by transforming vibrations into electricity. Our products are mainly used to power sensor and monitoring systems, which can be used in a variety of industries and applications. As a result, customers who have very different products are asking us to fit our products to their specific environments. This requires rapid adaptation on our end so we don’t lose the deal, which is why simulation software has become extremely valuable to us. Previously, we spent a lot of time in design and testing loops, but since we integrated simulation software into our product development cycle, we have reduced this process from 16 weeks to 6 weeks! This means that we can offer our customers a first testing period after 6 weeks, which impresses most customers and often leads to an agreement. The Specifics of How We Use Simulation Our products are based on the concept of electromagnetic induction. The core components include a magnet, mechanical [...]