Applications for ReVibe's vibration energy harvesters

Applications where we perform at our best

Proven areas of use for ReVibe's products

Railway & Logistics

Using vibration energy harvesting within the railway & logistics sector is a great idea! ReVibe has a lot of experience from this field and our products power most IoT applications and monitoring systems through the harvested vibrations.

Construction & Mining

Looking to replace the battery and cable for your fleet management, asset tracking and condition monitoring systems? If so, ReVibe is here to help! We'll turn the vibrations from the vehicles/assets into usable electricity for you!

Aviation & Military

Powering monitoring equipment in complex structures and systems is not the easiest task for cables or batteries. ReVibe will provide you with a wireless power source designed for durability!

Industry 4.0

Allow us to increase the efficiency of your predictive maintenance and condition monitoring systems by eliminating the need for batteries and cables, expensive power sources that should be a part of the past.

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