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  • Demonstration of how VibInspect can be used to perform analysis of the vibration measurements

The ReLog - a vibration data logger

The ReLog vibration data logger can be used in several applications where continuous vibration, shock, and impact recording is core to understand the monitored object’s behavior. In addition to this, the ReLog has a built-in temperature sensor which enables to get a more comprehensive understanding of the environment. 

VibInspect - analyse your vibrations

To ensure you are able to analyse and interpret the data you’ve just acquired, we’ve developed VibInspect, that allows you to perform analyses on the vibration or to convert the measurement data to a file format you can use in your own system.

Highlighted features in VibInspect

  • Analyse the vibrations you’ve recorded with the ReLog
  • Apply several different filters
  • View and analyse recorded data
  • Downsample your measurement for easy export
  • Change ReLog settings prior to recording vibrations and configure parameters
  • Export to .wav and .csv format

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