Powering the Industrial IoT through vibrations

ReVibe's vibration energy harvesters turn vibrations into electricity
to eliminate the need for cables and batteries

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How do you turn vibrations into electricity?

Powering the industrial IoT : ReVibes’ harvesters turns vibrations into electricity with the purpose of powering different type of sensor systems and IoT applications

turning vibrations into electricity

How can vibrations power the Industrial IoT?

If you are looking into the Internet of Things and consider costly cable installations and battery replacements to be an issue, ReVibe’s energy harvesting solutions might just be the thing for you. If vibrations, impulses or other mechanical movement is found close to the applications that needs monitoring, we can offer you a sustainable, cost-efficient and completely autonomous power source!

Customer references

See how we have helped our customers power the Industrial IoT

Harvesting power from rolling stock

ReVibe has designed a state-of-the-art harvesting unit for rolling stock which powers our customers condition monitoring system.

While attached to the bogie of the train, the harvesting unit from ReVibe generates the energy needed to power the entire condition monitoring system. As a result, the entire system is completely maintenance free and enables the end user to verify the condition of their rolling stock remotely 

harvester for aircrafts

Harvesting power from aircrafts


Our customer deploys a sensor system to monitor critical components in the structure of the aircraft. ReVibe received the inquiry of customising the modelD to fit the specific purpose. As seen on the left, the harvester is mounted on a flat surface to capture vibrations in horizontal directions.

More customer references? Take a look here!

Applications where we power the Industrial IoT

Proven applications for ReVibe's vibration energy harvesting products

Railway & Logistics

Using vibration energy harvesting within the railway & logistics sector is a great idea! ReVibe has a lot of experience from this field and our products power most IoT applications and monitoring systems through the harvested vibrations.

Construction & Mining

Looking to replace the batteries and cables for your fleet management, asset tracking and condition monitoring systems? If so, ReVibe is here to help! We'll turn the vibrations from the vehicles/equipment into usable electricity for you!

Aviation & Military

Powering monitoring equipment in complex structures and systems is not the easiest task for cables or batteries. ReVibe will provide you with a wireless power source designed for durability!

Industry 4.0

Allow us to increase the efficiency of your predictive maintenance and condition monitoring systems by eliminating the need for batteries and cables, expensive power sources that should be a part of the past.

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