Energy Harvesting in General

Maybe we should have started off with this one… Because, what does the term energy harvesting really entail? There’s a lot of different views and opinions on the subject. We have of course gathered everything and as experts within the subject, we’ll provide you with our view on the matter.
Lean back, relax and we hope you enjoy the reading!

The Concept
Energy harvesting (also known as power harvesting and energy scavenging) is sourced from an external source (e.g. solar power, wind energy, vibrations, etc.) and stored with the purpose of powering small, often autonomous and wireless, devices. In simple terms: different concepts of energy harvesting is sourcing energy from different process where the energy being sourced was previously lost and not utilised. Now, the surplus power is being put to use.

It should be stated that different sources does and doesn’t include solar, wind and ocean power in the category of energy harvesting as they all have the potential to harvest such large amounts of energy. They are thus often referred to as their own concept and area. Us at ReVibe Energy have chosen this definition as we think that the differences are significant and these mentioned areas deserve their own space.

Alright, cool stuff. But where can you use it?
Have you found a potential energy source? Then what are you waiting for?! Obviously there’s something to benefit from here. But to make it easier for you, we suggest that you head into this fantastic Wikipedia-article where you can have a look at all the different sources of energy.