Performing FFT & PSD analysis in VibInspect

FFT & PSD - the most powerful vibration analyses

Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and Power Spectral Density (PSD) are two widely used analysis methods and can be very powerful tools when you want to understand your vibrations better. Strictly speaking, both methods are used to convert the vibration signal from the time domain to the frequency domain. This way, you get an overview of the entire signal and can see how acceleration is divided across the frequency spectrum.

The parts of e.g. a machine will display a different frequency response depending on if they are operating as intended or if a failure mode has occurred. Both FFT and PSD are very useful analyses to understand the object you are monitoring, by letting you see where in the frequency domain the acceleration is most intense, and how this changes over time. VibInspect provides you with the possibility of performing both FFT and PSD analyses in a very simple and efficient way. Simply load your vibration measurements file and choose the analysis that you would like to perform. 

Let us show you how its done

Let us show you how its done

Measuring vibrations on a Fiat 500 and analysing the frequency spectrum


  • Using the ReLog datalogien to measure vibrations on a Fiat 500
  • Correlate the frequency spectrum with the RPM of the car
  • Perform an FFT analysis to understand the frequency spectrum
  • Using cursors to highlight the dominant peak in the FFT analysis

ReLog vibration datalogger & VibInspect analysis software

  • Create and take ownership of your own maintenance plan and vibration measurements
  • Perform simple vibration measurements without compromising on data quality 
  • Implement predictive maintenance measurements as part of your everyday work to build knowledge and data over time
  • Make data-driven decisions instead of emotion-driven and reactive decisions

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