Future improvements of the ReLog

Does the ReLog need updating?

We’re incredibly proud of the ReLog and it performs excellent at its current state. But, just because we’re happy about the current performance it doesn’t mean that we’re done! In the future, we will be looking to introduce new versions of the ReLog with different accelerometers, different battery options, and new features.

Future development areas

Improvement areaDescriptionPlanned introduction
Removable SD-cardTo allow for faster transfer of data2021
Remote controlStart/stop measurements via Bluetooth to allow for remote controlLate 2020
GPS watchntegrate GPS-module to be able to sync units based on the   time value when multiple units are used across the worldLate 2020
Bluetooth communicationPossibility to send overviews of measurement activities to ensure   that the measurement is proceeding as planned.Late 2020
External accelerometersRedesign of the outer casing to allow for one to several external  accelerometers when the ReLog in itself is to big to place on the surface where you want to measure.TBD