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Our solutions

ReVibe ANURAtm

self-powered monitoring systems for vibrating screens

A self-powered fit-and-forget industrial monitoring systems designed to monitor the status of a vibrating screen through up to 8 wireless sensor nodes. The system transmits the data wirelessly to our cloud services where the user can access live data to understand the status of the screen and act before a potential breakdown and plan maintenance well ahead of time. Together with analysis options to optimize performance and flow rate, ReVibe ANURA is every operator’s system of choice.

ReLog vibration data logger

Relog vibration data logger


The ReLog vibration data logger is the go-to choice when you need to record vibrations with extreme precision & accuracy. It is the ideal vibration data logger for capturing and monitoring vibrations, shocks, and impacts. With superior battery life and up to 128 GB of memory, the ReLog is the perfect tool for monitoring vibrations in challenging environments for up to 200 hours. It has been designed to be extremely easy to handle and by the touch of a button, you will be up and running and measuring with up to 32,000 Hz sampling rate. 



Avoid breakdowns

By continuously monitoring the condition of the vibrating screen, you will be able to plan its maintenance in accordance with the technical needs and avoid breakdowns.

Machine Health

Keep track of your vibrating screen's state in real time as well as insights on how the machine should be handled to avoid future breakdowns and downtime.

Optimise performance

Utilize the insights generated by ReVibe ANURA to optimize the performance of your vibrating screen & maximize profitability.

Remote monitoring

The fit-and-forget system allows for remote access which means that you can plan maintenance efforts without being on site. All you need is an internet connection to access your dashboard. ​

Who we are

We are experts in vibration analysis and self-powered IoT-systems for industrial vibrating screens.

ReVibe Energy® was founded to power the Industrial Internet of Things in a reliable, flexible and sustainable way, which has been a great challenge in the past. Over time, ReVibe has developed into a company that provides its customers’ with vibration energy harvesting products, highly accurate vibration data loggers and autonomous sensor systems completely powered by vibrations.