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Welcome to our process

Are you thinking about using a sustainable & mobile power source for your sensor systems?

 In order to ensure a smooth transition and optimised products we’ve developed a 3-step process

Step 1 – Evaluating the vibrational environment

  • We perform measurements to gather data from the vibrational environment
  • Analysing the information gathered time and determining the characteristics of the vibrations
  • Determine energy demand – what is needed to power the sensors

The first step is all about getting to know the environment and understanding the characteristics of the vibrations. This information is vital in order to create the perfect solution for your environment. If you don’t have the information available we will of course assist you in doing so or completely take it off your hands by collecting it ourselves.


Step 2 – Adaptation and simulated tests

  • Tuning of our harvesters to match the specific environment
  • Performing simulations to ensure success
  • Final adjustments based on performed simulations

Running hardware based tests is expensive. In order to minimise unnecessary costs and to improve accuracy we have teamed up with two of the most advanced companies on the planet when it comes CAD-software and simulation driven product development; Autodesk and ANSYS. By using these softwares we have the ability to detect and correct details that otherwise would been left unnoticed before conducting test in the field. By using a smarter product development process we ensure our delivery of top notch products.

Step 3 – Live testing

  • Production of a smaller number of products for live testing
  • Live testing in lab & real environents
  • On site implementation

Data driven simulations are fantastic and enables us to build better and more advanced products. But in the end, physical testing and implementations are what we are all about. Through the production a limited number of products that are tested in their intended environments we verify that our efforts ensures the customer products of top notch quality.

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We would love the opportunity to talk to you who find our products and the possibilities they create interesting! Get in touch with either Erik or Viktor – we’re waiting for your call!

  • Viktor Börjesson
    Viktor Börjesson
  • Erik Godtman Kling
    Erik Godtman Kling
    Head of Business Development
Viktor Börjesson

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This is Viktor

As the energetic force of the company Viktor constantly looks for new exciting challenges to overcome. Interested in integrating our technology into your system to enhance performance? Then Viktor is your guy! Also, M.Sc. and B.Sc. from Chalmers University of Technology and the University of Gothenburg.

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Erik Godtman Kling
Head of Business Development

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Who’s Erik?

Have you ever looked up the words ‘dedication’ and ‘loyalty’? They can be found just next to Erik’s picture in the dictionary. He is basically the go to guy when you need something to be done! And of course when you need to set up a new deal or cooperation! Also, M.Sc. and B.Sc. from Chalmers University of Technology.

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