Industrial IOT is the most important tech scene you haven’t heard of

Industrial IOT is the most important tech scene you haven’t heard of

That IoT is an exciting trend that has tremendous potential is something the majority of the world agrees with. Major consulting and market research firms have published reports on the significance of the trend whilst trying to appreciate just how big the trend might become. But there’s one part of IoT that hasn’t received as much publicity as it perhaps should have, according to Sundeep Sanghavi, CEO och DataRPM. The Industrial IoT. 

What is the “Industrial IoT”?

The Industrial IoT is a large part of the larger concept know as Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT is more simply put a network of intelligent computers, devices and objects that can gather and communicate large pieces of data. This data can be used in various helpful ways by the user. By bringing the IoT to the Industrial world the potential of using predictive maintenance is massive and costs can be reduced. Because as you know, to fix something too later and when it’s already broken is far more expensive than regular check-ups.

As Sundeep writes himself:

Industrial IoT uses machine learning to improve efficiency and lower costs in factories and other industrial environments. Alongside spearheading other breakthroughs, IIoT is the real story of the internet of things — don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

We couldn’t agree more and we’re certain that the future we’re heading towards holds a massive place for Industrial IoT.

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