The Internet of Things

Ever heard of the Internt of Things (IoT)? Of course you have. It’s basically one of the biggest buzzwords and hottest trend over the last decade. It’s all about connecting things to each other through the internet. On the consumer side of things, the trend is clear and visible with connected devices such as smartphones, smartwatches and a lot of other smart products are dominating since a few years back. On the industrial side of things, the trend has just taken its beginning… Here, we’ll give you an introduction to what this trendy buzzword entails…

The concept

Vibration Energy Harvesting is the concept of converting vibration energy to electrical energy. It basically is as simple as it sounds. This is possible through different technologies, e.g. electromagnetic induction (used by ReVibe Energy) or Piezoelectric fibres.

Where can you use it?

Well, everywhere. Wherever you have objects or things that through being a part of a process could benefit from exchanging data you should have a look at what an infrastructure in line with the IoT can provide you.

Can everything be connected to the IoT?

Yes. It’s all a matter of what you want to get out of it. Look at it this way: All things have a story to tell. If that specific story can give you useful information in order to improve your process, then what are you waiting for? Hook your things up with electronics that can “listen” to the objects and send the data to a central hub from where you can analyse and act upon the data.

Any areas where IoT is no good?

That depends on the suer and the situation at hand. But if there information to access that could be valuable for the operator, then an IoT setup could potentially provide a useful infrastructure.

This is some awesome stuff- where can I learn more?

We dig your mindset! We love the IoT as much as you do and we’ve researched the web like true web-crawlers do and as a result we’ve compiled this list of useful sources:

  • The one and only source – Wikipedia
  • And then there’s Ciscos view on it! (They’re promoting their own products, naturally. But you can get a good idea of what the IoT can be used for)
  • Forbes compiles a bunch of articles everyday – a great way to stay on top of the latest trends!
  • And then there’s Microsofts view on it! (Just to stay impartial, can’t promote Cisco alone)

Not convinced? Have a look at this video by IBM Academy that explains everything in a straight forward way – enjoy!