Will 2018 be the year IoT begin to free itself from battery power?

For many years, IoT and the Industrial IoT has been a major global trend that is predicted to overtake the world. During 2017, we’ve noticed a significant increase in the maturity of industrial companies and who are adopting Industrial IoT and enabling all the opportunities that are out there. And it seems like we’re not the only ones who’ve noticed this.

Will batteries soon be a thing of the past?

Arm (www.arm.com) has recently published their predictions for 2018 in the blog post “Predictions for a connected 2018”  on www.medium.com, where they rank the 6 most likely developments to take place. And number 2 on that list is: The Internet of Things (IoT) will begin to free itself from battery power” Arm develops their reasoning around the fact that batteries are a “necessary evil” from which the IoT will soon free itself. The solution? Using some kind of harvesting to use the ambient energy around us to power IoT applications.

Arm doesn’t spend to much time on discussing different energy harvesting technologies but does state the fact that there are numerous technologies out there that are up for the task. Beyond vibration energy harvesting, one could mention RF harvesting and solar power as very interesting choices depending on the application itself.