Do you have a burning passion for sales?

And do you happen to love innovation & technology? And perhaps love the feeling of closing a deal? And of course, love to work in a team-based environment?

Then you might just be the junior sales developer that we're looking for!

But first, who are we?

A company where every day should be epic

We are a young, ambitious, and tech-savvy company that loves vibrations above everything else! Why vibrations? ‘Cause what we develop, manufacture and sell to our customers are two things: 1) Vibration energy harvesting units which turn vibrations into electricity and 2) vibration data loggers that helps our customers measure vibrations accurately.

Beyond this, we’re a tight-knit group of people who are looking forward to welcoming you into our team. We take great pride in developing and offering products of great quality to our customers and of course, having a bunch of fun along the way.

About the role

Things we'll trust you with

You will be the second sales developer working directly with the ReLog vibration data logger. Together with our senior sales developer for the ReLog and the founding team, you will be a part of a dynamic sales team working to establish the ReLog vibration data logger as the primary option for measuring vibrations. You will do this by: 

  • Outbound prospecting – create a pipeline of opportunities 
  • Qualification –  you’re expected to reach out to clients (through phone, email, LinkedIn, etc.) to verify the client’s needs and offer the appropriate solution
  • Closing – with support from your colleagues, you’ll navigate all the stages of the sales cycle to ensure closing the deal
  • Nurturing the relationship – we see our customers as our ambassadors and friends. After having closed a deal you will be expected to maintain the relationship and, hopefully, generate more sales in the future
  • Actively use our CRM (we use Pipedrive) to keep track of progress
  • Work side by side with the founding team to develop strategies, marketing efforts (both inbound & outbound) and relationships with partners (e.g. distributors) that will lead to increasing revenues
  • Participating in trade fairs and events, both physical and digital

Your qualifi-cations

In a simple bullet list

Ps, we know that you probably have a lot more qualifications than this but we just wanted to highlight the things we feel are vital. Feel free to WOW us in your application with other qualifications and experiences that you believe would make yourself the best match for the position.

What we offer you

... plus a few words from our CEO on what makes ReVibe an awesome workplace

ReVibe Energy was founded as we identified a great need in the market for our solution, much like any other aspiring company. But besides this fact, a large part of the decision was made from the starting point that it should be fun doing business! Going to work every day should not be a burden, it should be something to look forward to! Of course, not every day will be the most fantastic of your life as we all have our ups and downs, but we are convinced of one thing: that this company shall provide its employees with the possibility of having the most epic day of their life, every day.


A few details about the position and the application process

The job ad is published during the first week of July and we encourage everyone interested in the position to apply as soon as possible. Due to vacation periods, we will start to reach out to candidates by early august to schedule interviews for those who we feel is a great fit for the position. 

The recruitment process will include the following steps: 

  • Send in your formal application via the link below
  • By the beginning of August we will feedback and schedule a phone interview (20-25 minutes) with selected candidates
  • After the phone interview, selected candidates will be invited to a case-based interview where you will get to the meet the team
  • For final candidates, we’ll invite you to a final interview with our founders. 
Total estimated time from first phone interview: 3-4 weeks depending on the amount of applicants. 

The next step

Sealing the deal

As every skilled salesperson knows, the key to closing a deal is to actually ask for the deal. So that is exactly what we are going to do: Are you interested in becoming our colleague? 

Yes? Great! Then we would love for you to start the application process. We’re looking forward to receiving your application.