Welcome to our
learning center

At ReVibe Energy, we simply love to learn new things. And now, we want to share our knowledge with you! On our website and in our everyday language, we’re using a lot of terms and words that for the beginner might not make any sense.

So instead of adapting ourselves, we have gathered and compiled a lot of useful information for everyone who is not familiar with our lingo and let you get up to speed.

We’ve divided the info into three categories:

Vibration energy harvesting

Vibrational Energy Harvesting, sounds neat doesn’t it? Lets learn about the area where ReVibe Energy really excels!

The Internet of Things

You’ve surely heard the expression, but do you really know what it means? We’ll straight everything out for you.

Energy harvesting

Really, what is energy harvesting? Lets set it straight and define the concept once and for all.

Electromagnetic vs Piezoelectric vibration energy harvesting

Which technology is the best? Or do they have different advantages? We'll take you through the differences between the two technologies