Memory capacity

Do I really need 32 GB - 128 GB of memory?

The simple answer is that we have designed the ReLog to give you the freedom to measure for as long as you would like to. When you purchase a ReLog, we want it to be your measurement partner regardless if you would like to measure for 5 minutes or 5 weeks. 

If we would limit the memory capacity to 500MB or 1GB it would prevent you from measure over a longer period as you would quickly run out of memory, especially if you would want to sample a higher frequencies. If you decide to sample at full specs (25,000 Hz) the memory of the ReLog would fill up after 53 hours (!) with a 32GB memory and after 210 hours (!!) with 128GB memory. This would provide you with a massive amount of data.

If you on the other hand would decide to reduce the sampling rate to 2,000 Hz (or lower) you would be able to leave the ReLog in operational mode for a 740 hours (4 weeks) with 32GB and 2,950 hours (17 weeks) with the 128GB. 

Simply put, we do not want our choice of memory size to limit your measurement activities – we want you to be able to measure everything you want!

How do I transfer the files to a computer?

The ReLog has a simple USB interface where you use the cable included in the box to connect the ReLog to your computer. Once connected to the computer, you can either use the files in the format they are recorded in (binary format) or use our free software to convert the files into .csv format or simply analyse the results in the software.

Can I have more than 128GB of memory?

In theory, yes. Although we believe that 128 GB would be enough to address almost all needs on the market we’re always in the business of helping our customers. So if you have a need for a larger memory card, reach out to us and we’ll make sure to find a good solution for all of you!