Quick start guide - start measuring in no time!

Using the ReLog


To power on the ReLog, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds. The ReLog will show a solid green light for 3 seconds and enter standby mode.

When the logger is in stand-by mode, it shows a solid blue light . The battery level is also indicated by a short flash of green , yellow or red every 3 seconds.


To start logging, press the play/stop button once. The light will flash in blue 3 times and then go out. The ReLog is now measuring vibrations. The indicator light flashes to indicate the battery status every 3 seconds.


To stop a measurement, simply press the play/stop button again. The light will once again flash in blue 3 times, and the logger will go back to stand-by mode.


To turn the logger off, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds when the logger is in stand-by mode. A red light is shown for 3 seconds, and the ReLog turns off.

Battery charge level

The green , yellow and red lights indicate battery level. The colors corre- spond to the following battery charge percentages.

Analysing the vibrations

To help interpret the vibration data you’ve collected, analysis software is provided with the ReLog. It includes functionality for e.g. investigating what frequencies are present in the signal, how they developed throughout the measurement, and for exporting the data in formats readable by external software. So head over the dedicated page for the VibInspect vibration analyser.