Learn how the ReLog helps our customers across the globe by measuring vibrations with extreme precision

Using the ReLog to identify harmful movement for factory workers & important machines

Our client purchased the ReLog to be able to measure vibrations over time for two reasons: 1) Identify vibration patterns over time which can help our client notice a shift in the machine performance and 2) measure and record vibration measurements that indicate if the vibrations that the factory workers are being exposed to could potentially be harmful. 

Detecting impacts & shocks for mining hoists

Boliden used the ReLog to measure impacts & shocks on mining hoists to detect the vibrations created by the misaligned guidance system.

“The ease-of-use of the ReLog S and the ability to quickly analyse the vibrations in VibInspect was crucial to us and enabled quick tests and immediate feedback” – Oscar Lindgren

Measuring vibration on weight sorter machines for the pharma industry

CI Precision purchased a ReLog L to measure vibrations at one of their customers sites and compare this with measurements from an identical machine at CI Precisions’ facilities. 

“I’m very happy with the service and how easy the whole buying process was.” –  Mark Osborne, Technical Manager, Ci Precision 

Using the ReLog to measure the impact of vibrations on building constructions​

Studio D – Akustika s.r.o Studio D – akustika s.r.o. is a Czech engineering and acoustics company. Part of their work is to calculate the propagation of structure-borne noise and vibrations throughout building constructions. To be able to determine the construction response – and to precisely calculate the structure-borne noise in the interior of the building, Studio D measures the impact of the actual vibration itself (recorded vibrations from all sources: tramway lines, metro, railway, etc.). When performing the vibration measurements, Studio D was in great need of accurate and high precision devices, such as the ReLog S.

Measuring vibrations on
conveyors & vibrating screens

Customers use the ReLog to perform temporary vibration measurements on different types of conveyor belts and vibrating screens. By doing so, our customers can use precise vibration measurements to uncover any potential problems that, if left unattended, can cause severe breakdowns. 

And thanks to the ReLog being completely cable-free the installation and setup time is 60 seconds or less, saving our customers valuable time & money. 

Recording vibrations to optimise
vibration energy harvesting trials

Mid Sweden University are conducting research around different vibration energy harvesting technologies. And as a part of their research, vibration data from different applications is needed to be recorded with high precision for further analysis and experiments in the laboratory. 

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