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How we can help you with Self-powered monitoring & analysis systems for railway

The railway industry is rapidly expanding in light of an increasing need of efficient transport. This places high demands on current and future infrastructure and rolling stock to support high levels of productivity. At ReVibe, we are experts in delivering self-powered monitoring & analysis systems for rolling stock. We have developed a state-of-the-art technology platform where we integrate monitoring solutions and Vibration Energy Harvesting (VEH) units. This creates an autonomous monitoring system that is completely self-powered. This gives the end-user to have constant monitoring of their assets, which increases efficiency and allows the user to plan maintenance rather than having unexpected downtime.

Platform overview

Condition monitoring analysis

Each sensor node collects the relevant data that allows the condition monitoring algorithms to calculate the current state of the asset and predict future failure modes.

Self-powered sensor nodes

The sensor nodes are equipped with Vibration Energy Harvesting (VEH) units that allows them to be completely self-powered and there are no need for external batteries or cables. 

On-site gateway

The local gateway receives all the data that is collected by the local nodes. The gateway is constantly connect to ReVibe’s cloud services and transfers the data through secure protocols.

Designed for harsh environment

The entire platform is designed for usage in the railway environment. This means that each nodes is designed in accordance with IP69 protocols.  

platform technology railway monitoring system

Our experience in the field

Designing and launching a condition monitoring system in the railway industry is a massive challenge for anyone due to the harsh environment. ReVibe has the necessary experience from industry standards and requirements to design customized self-powered monitoring systems that meet your needs.

The system has been designed to monitor wheelsets on rolling stock in order to avoid premature deterioration of critical components, and thus avoid breakdowns and derailments.

The system features connectivity through 4G to communicate the data. BLE is also used for the commissioning of each sensor node.

The system collects data continuously and processes the measurements in the cloud. This allows the system to run advanced condition monitoring and predictive maintenance functions and suggest appropriate measures to the client.

The systems utilises the GPS network to determine the position of the cargo wagons. 

Each wagon is equipped with a self-powered GPS-node that continuously sends the data to a cloud service. The user can easily access the online dashboard and locate their cargo wagons and plan their process accordingly. 

Phase 0 focuses on developing system specifications and system architecture for the system. This is done through a series of joint workshops where we focus on the important building blocks of the system as well the business rationale behind the system.

Phase 1 focuses on bringing an initial version of the system architecture decided upon in phase 0 to life. By isolating the key building blocks, we put together an early version of the system where we verify the functionality in a controlled environment.

In phase 2, our focus lies on developing the Proof of Concept from its prototype stage to the complete system. Extensive field tests are prioritized to ensure full functionality of the system in all environments.
During the productification phase, we focus on finalizing the development and eliminating any unwanted behavior that was identified during field testing in phase 2.
Phase 4 focuses on preparing the system for high-volume manufacturing in terms of manufacturing setup, quality control, necessary certification, etc.

Our standard approach

When adapting our technology platform for partners & clients

In development projects, we use a standardized approach consisting of several phases to ensure that your needs as the client are met and that the end system will perform beyond your expectations. The initial phase of the approach focuses on establishing the system architecture based on the clients’ technical and commercial needs. This will act as the base of the development that will progress into a Proof of Concept phase and later Integration and Industrialization phases.

Turning vibrations into electricity

No need for batteries and cables

At ReVibe Energy, we are experts in turning vibrations into electricity and eliminate the need for cables and batteries to power your sensor systems. If you would like to explore vibration harvesting, follow the elink below to either our dedicated product overview page our directly to our page for our evaluation kits.
Self-powered sensor node