Measure and analyse vibrations
with extreme precision

High sample rate and bandwith

the ReLog is configurable to any sample rate between 0 – 25,000 Hz including a 3-axis premium accelerometer. A very versatile instrument that will help you measure vibrations in any type of environment and situation

Designed for harsh environments

the ReLog has been designed with harsh environments in mind. With an IP67 rating and testing in accordance with MIL specs, the ReLog will be your reliable partner in all environments. 

Measure for several weeks

with extensive battery life and memory capacity (32 GB, 64 GB or 128 GB) the ReLog is capable of measuring for up to 72 hours when sampling at 25 kHz in 3 directions & several weeks when using trigger levels or using a lower sampling rate 

High precision and accuracy

with low noise level of less than 6mg across the bandwidth and 16 bit resolution, the ReLog ensures that you always will get the best precision when measuring vibrations

Highlighted features

  • Customisable sample rate between 0 – 25,000 Hz
  • Battery life time from 72 hours to several weeks
  • 3-axis high end MEMS accelerometer
  • Acceleration range: +/- 50 g
  • Resolution: 0.0000039g – 0.002 g
  • Temperature sensor and IMU
  • Including mounting accessories

The ReLog

Multiple application areas within multiple industries

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How do I measure vibrations?

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