the ReLog

Measure and analyse vibrations with extreme precision.
A reliable vibration data logger from ReVibe Energy

ReLog vibration data logger

Robust design

IP67 rated for
use in harsh areas

Mounting accessories
are always included

Simple operational

Measure for several weeks

Battery life time:
min. 46 hours to several weeks

Internal memory:
32 - 128 GB

Temperature sensor
and IMU

High precision & accuracy

Configurable sample rate
between 125 - 32,000 Hz

Acceleration range:
+/- 50 g

0.002 g to 0.0000039 g

Analyse the vibration with VibInspect

Vibration analysing software

To ensure you are able to analyse and interpret the data you’ve just acquired, each ReLog comes with an included software that allows you to perform analyses on the vibration or to convert the measurement data to a file format you can use in your own system.

Application areas for the ReLog

Product evaluation

Measure vibrations with the ReLog to understand how your product is performing during the development stage and ensure that all potential failure modes are detected​

Failure mode analysis

The ReLog can efficiently be used to discover and analyse unexpected vibration patterns and provide basis for explanations why products fail unexpectedly.​

Condition monitoring

Use the ReLog to monitor a system, asset or vehicle in semi-real time to detect failure modes and use the data to predict the failures before they occur.​

Machine health monitoring

Similar to condition monitoring but rather use the ReLog on several different machines and occasion to ensure that the machines are in good health.​

Vibration monitoring

Monitor vibrations in your environments with high accuracy and precision. Ensure that high quality data is captured and analyse it correctly with our free software

Shock monitoring

Use the ReLog to monitor if your products or assets are being exposed to shocks that could potentially be dangerous for the equipment itself.​

Transportation monitoring

Monitor your cargo or vehicles by attaching the ReLog to an area where vibrations are likely to occur and could be an indicator of damage​

Precision measurements

The ReLog is perfectly usable for sophisticated testing institutes that wish to conducting high precisions measurements without needing to use cables and wires to set up the accelerometer​

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