modelD evaluation kit


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The modelD is designed to power your sensor systems and is adapted depending on the vibrational environment. Please choose desired frequency and acceleration in the drop down menus below.

The evaluation kit contains the following products:

  • One (1) modelD harvester
  • One (1) modelD holder
  • One (1) Lemo connecting cable with two open ends


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The modelD harvester is designed to be able to harvest kinetic energy from vibrations even at the lowest levels of the acceleration and frequency range – environments that are often found in industrial environments. This has often been the challenge for energy harvesters in the past. We realised the challenge we were up against and have since designed and built modelD in such a way that we can customise it to make sure that it will fit your specific environment.

Can’t find your desired specification? Reach out to us via and we will happily help you acquire a sample of the modelD.

Additional information

Weight0.125 g
Dimensions34 × 64 mm

25 Hz, 30 Hz, 35 Hz, 40 Hz, 45 Hz, 50 Hz, 55 Hz, 60 Hz, 65 Hz, 70 Hz, 75 Hz, 80 Hz, I don't know what the frequency is – please help!