Our standardized development approach

to developing customised monitoring systems

why are we using a standardised development approach

In development projects, we use a standardized development approach consisting of several phases to ensure that your needs as the client are met and that the end system will perform beyond your expectations.

Through experience, we know that by using a standardized approach we can ensure that all efforts will be focused on value-creating development efforts. This is a win-win for both parties as less time will be spent on less valuable activities. 

The initial phase of the approach focuses on establishing the system architecture based on the clients’ technical and commercial needs. This will act as the base of the development that will progress into a Proof of Concept phase and later Integration and Industrialization phases.



Phase 0

Intro project & system specifications

Phase 0 focuses on developing system specifications and system architecture for the system. This is done through a series of joint workshops where we focus on the important building blocks of the system as well the business rationale behind the system. The result will be a strong base for continued development.

Phase 1

Intro project & system specifications

Phase 1 focuses on bringing an initial version of the system architecture decided upon in phase 0 to life. By isolating the key building blocks, we put together an early version of the system that will demonstrate the key functionality. The prototype will be tested in a controlled environment with the purpose of identifying development potential based on real-life observations.

Phase 2

Intro project & system specifications

In phase 2, our focus lies on developing the Proof of Concept from its prototype stage to a complete system. This is done through a series of development sprints that run in parallel to each other. Extensive field tests are prioritized to ensure the full functionality of the system in all environments.

Phase 3


Once the system is fully functional, we proceed to the productification stage where we place a stern focus on trouble-shooting. This is a necessary stage to ensure that the system will be fully operational during all situations for its entire lifetime.

Phase 4


Phase 4 focuses on preparing the system for high-volume manufacturing in terms of manufacturing setup, quality control, and achieving the necessary certification. This is performed in close collaboration with our client as well as third-party institutes and experts to ensure a high level of quality. 

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why our customers and partners work with us

Being experts within vibration energy harvesting, we have the possibility to develop a tailored solution for your application within the railway industry. We will help you develop a condition monitoring system that will help you keep control of your assets. 

Engineered for challenging environments

A robust design that ensures superior product life eliminates the need for continuous maintenance of your sensors. This will save significant amounts of resources over the system’s life cycle.

A sustainable power source

Our technology and expertise will provide you with a sustainable and mobile power source. Increased performance does come hand in hand with a sustainable approach.