The story behind the invention – how ReVibe came to life

The story behind the invention – how ReVibe came to life

ReVibe Energy is today one of the world’s most advanced companies within vibration energy harvesting. And even though we’re far from finished it’s still interesting to take a moment and look back, to where it all started once upon a time. The story finds it beginning in one of the Saab Group’s facilities in Huskvarna, Sweden, where ReVibe Energy’s CTO and the original inventor Per Cederwall was working. So lets introduce all of you to Per and let him tell you the story with his own words.

Per, tell us a bit about yourselves? 

Well, my name is Per Cederwall and I’m a mechanical engineer and expert in inventing and building products who can survive in the toughest of conditions. On a personal note it can be said that I was born and raised in Jönköping, Sweden, and later on moved to Gothenburg to study Mechanical Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology and achieve my masters degree. Today, I live in Gothenburg together with my family and spend my time doing what I love the most: creating products that will surpass the customers need and make sure that they have a solution that they will be happy with for many years to come.

Tell us a bit more about how you came up with the original idea? 

At the time, I was working at Saab Training & Simulation in Huskvarna where we designed and manufactured simulation and training systems for armed forces around the world. One of our most successful systems was training system for soldiers and armed vehicles who could simulate a battle through firing harmless laser beams at each other. We experienced a problem with powering the wireless laser sensors, placed on the outside of the battle tank, due to battery life limitations and had to come up with a solution. It hit me and a fellow colleague, Dan Erichsen, that the tank produced a fair amount of vibrations even when standing still, often with a diesel engine running, and as vibrations essentially are kinetic energy we got the idea to utilise this energy that otherwise would be lost…

We put our heads together and started building a prototype and before we knew it we had a working concept and a patent was filed to make sure no one else claimed the technology. The technology was in the end found to be outside the scope of the core business unit Training & Simulation but as the need on the market was evident the technology was transferred to Saab Ventures, a division within the Saab Group that handles spin outs. And as the idea was introduced for Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship, I met Erik and Viktor, really nice and ambitious guys and the rest is history…

In your view, why is what we do here at ReVibe Energy relevant for the world? 

In a few years, everything around us will be connected. The need for information is growing and this will mean that more and more companies will deploy sensor systems. And the thing here is that all of these sensors will need to be powered by something more sustainable than batteries and simple cables. And this is where we come in to the picture. For us, sustainability is something natural and not a choice that we’ve made. It’s simply the way we live our lives and we want to do business in exactly the same way.

Thank you Per! 

PS. Per will be back with exciting technology updates from the world of IoT so keep a look out for new posts!

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