How to update the clock on your ReLog

A simple step by step guide to updating the internal clock on the ReLog vibration data logger

Updating the internal clock of your ReLog

The ReLog has an internal clock that is responsible for keeping control of which time stamp that belongs to which measurement. Simply put, the clock is the component that ensures that you know at what time a measurement has been collected. And like with all RTCs’ (Real Time Clock), there is a slight drift over time. This means that for each hour that passes, the clock drifts slightly from its original time setting. 

As a result, if you leave your ReLog on a shelf for several months the time will have shifted slightly during this time. This is not a big issue if you are using on ReLog to measure vibrations as measurement will be taken in sequence and can be tracked in this way. But, if you are using several ReLog to measure on the same, or similar, objects and would like to cross-reference them, this could be an issue if you are looking for pinpoint accuracy. 

In order to address this fact, we have developed a method through which you can set your clock after having purchased your ReLog. 

Step-by-step procedure:

Step 1

Plug in your ReLog to your computer with the USB cable provided.

Step 2

Download the .zip file below. This file contains a small program developed by us at ReVibe Energy that will use the current time of your PC to set the internal clock on your ReLog unit.

Step 3

Copy the .zip file to the root folder of your ReLog. Extract the downloaded .zip file to this folder. When this is done, you should see a folder named “setTime” containing an .exe file named “set_time_win.exe”.

Step 4

To set the clock of your ReLog unit, double-click the .exe file. Unplug your ReLog and start it immediately. The clock in your ReLog has now been set.

Instructional video