Using Orbit plots in VibInspect

Orbit plot

Using orbit plot to analyze vibrating screens, sieves and separators

A vibrating screen, just as many other similar equipment, is designed to move in a specific pattern. An orbit plot analysis uses multi-directional vibration data to visualize the trajectory of the machine in question, and provides the user with important information regarding the operating status of the screen. If the motion pattern differs from the intended, it is an indication that something is wrong with the screen and that it is not performing as it should. Orbit plot analysis are used both for predictive maintenance and process monitoring, e.g. through detecting anomalies and failures mode before they occur. 

With the help from ReLog vibration data logger and VibInspect analysis software, our customers can in an easy way measure vibrations and analyze how the screen is performing. 

Understanding vibrating screens & rotating machinery

Use orbit plots to monitoring the operating behavior of vibrating screens or other rotating machinery. Using an orbit plot analysis from a healthy machine gives you a reference when performing future measurements. The orbit plot analysis can help to detect:

  • Unbalance
  • Broken springs
  • Uneven feeding across the screen media
  • Etc.

Let us show you how its done

Let us show you how it's done

Measuring vibrations on a vibrating screen and analysing the data in VibInspect


  • Data collection with ReLog data logger
  • Plot the trajectory of the vibrating screen
  • View and understand motion amplitude in each direction
  • Assess if the vibrating screen is balanced and operating as intended
  • Detect anomalies and failure modes before they occur

ReLog vibration datalogger & VibInspect analysis software

  • Create and take ownership of your own maintenance plan and vibration measurements
  • Perform simple vibration measurements without compromising on data quality 
  • Implement predictive maintenance measurements as part of your everyday work to build knowledge and data over time
  • Make data-driven decisions instead of emotion-driven and reactive decisions

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