Vibration analysis support

Interested in using energy harvesting in your application but not sure if you have the right vibrations? Simply use the form below to upload the vibration measurements and we will get back to you within 72 hours with information on estimated output from our range of harvesters.

Upload measurements

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    Max. file size: 256 MB, Max. files: 4.

    Information around the measurements

    To make a vibration analysis we need certain parameters from the acquired data. There are also some requirements that ensure that the data is reliable and applicable to an analysis for ReVibe’s harvesters. The following list of criteria makes sure that we can perform the vibration analysis without the need for additional information.

    • We need either a time vector, the total time of the measurement, the time interval between measurements, or the sampling frequency
      to make a frequency domain analysis.
    • According to Nyquist’s theorem, frequencies under half of the sampling frequency can be represented in the frequency domain. ReVibe’s
      harvesters operate in ranges less than 300 Hz and we, therefore, require a sampling frequency greater than 600 Hz. However, for us to be able to replay the signal on our shaker table, we need a sampling frequency greater than 10, 000 Hz. If you are unsure about the sampling frequency we can calculate it if you know any of the other time specifications.
    • We need information about whether an anti-aliasing filter has been applied or not. If not, the certainty of the analysis decreases, especially at low sample frequencies. If you are unsure about filtering, you can send us a specification sheet of the components in the measurement setup and we can figure it out for you.
    • Make sure that the measurement represents the typical operation of your device.

    NOTE: If you are using an IEPE accelerometer (typical industrial accelerometer), make sure that the accelerometer has settled before you make the measurement (approx. 30s).

    Required file format

    We can utilize ASCII formatted files with acceleration and time in column vectors, or acceleration in column vectors and sample frequency included in the header. Make sure that the delimiter and the decimal seperator is not the same (i.e. 2.342,3.123 not 2,342,3,123). If you are using any other data format, we need to reformat this data manually (i.e. binary, matlab cell array, matlab struct or other ASCII formats). In this case the data should come with clear instructions on how it should be interpreted.