Why use the ReLog vibration data logger

We are so happy that you are considering using the ReLog for your measurement activities and we know that one question is always asked before a decision:

Why is the ReLog better than other products out there?

The question is perfectly fair and to make things as simple as possible for you, we’ve listed all relevant competing products to the ReLog below. We have tried to be as objective as possible in our assessment but to give you our view on things you can find the most relevant data loggers listed below.

Competitive overview

ProductSample rateBattery sizeAcceleration rangeMemory sizePrice (€)
ReLog0 - 25 000 Hz2,500 - 3,500 Hz+/- 50 g32 GB - 128 GB1995 - 2595
DTS0 - 5000 Hz900 mAh+/- 6000 g1 GB5000 -
11 000
Convergence instruments0 - 3200 HzUnkown+/- 16 g128 MB300 - 600
Endaq Slam Stick0 - 20 000 Hz290 - 800 mAh+/- 16 g to +/- 2000 g1 GB - 8 GB1000 - 4000
MSR0 - 6400 Hz230 - 900 mAh+/- 15 g or +/- 100 ga few MB to 1 GB (custom)500 - 2000
Dytran250 - 4280 HzUnkown+/- 16 g32 GB1000 - 3000
Gulf Coast Data Concept0 - 400 HzNormal AA battery+/- 16 g8 GB< 200


As you can tell from the table, there are quite a few companies out there who offer good products! But, it is as always a case of where and how you intended to use your data logger.

We have focused on developing the ReLog to a point where we feel that it offers superior value when it comes sampling frequencybattery lifeinternal memory capacity and (perhaps the most important aspect) value for money.

Simply put, we want to offer the best possible product for a very reasonable price! And we hope that you will agree with us after having tried the ReLog!