The vision

To establish ReVibe Energy as the world's leading company within vibration energy harvesting

ReVibe Energy® was founded to power the Industrial Internet of Things in a reliable, flexible and sustainable way, which has been a great challenge in the past. Through a unique vibration energy harvesting technology, ReVibe’s products offer its customers the possibility to convert the vibrations that exist in most industrial environments to electricity to fully power their wireless sensors and monitoring systems.

Highlighted partners

We’ve teamed up with a few fantastic companies and organisations that are supporting us in building a successful company, which is something that we are very proud and happy about.

Technical partner

In order to build a successful company, we’re making sure to cooperate with the best partners there are around. Having access to the skills and resources of these companies and organisations is a fantastic asset for us.

Main distributor

If you’re interested in purchasing the ReLog vibration data logger and the modelD evaluation kit, you can do so from Digikey.

Innovation partners