a self-powered wireless sensor system for vibrating screens

ReVibe ANURA at a glance

ReVibe ANURA is a self-powered and wireless sensor system for vibrating screens that allows the user to act before a potential breakdown and plan maintenance well in advance.

The fit-and-forget system is available for installations on new screens as well as for retro-fitting on the already installed base.

Up to 8 self-powered wireless sensor nodes are fitted on various locations on the screen, e.g. on the corners of the machine and on the driving axel. High quality vibration and temperature data is collected.

Main features of ReVibe ANURA


ReVibe ANURA uses the machine vibrations to power the entire system. without the need for batteries or cables.

Machine Health Diagnostics

ReVibe ANURA automatically monitors and analyses the condition of your entire vibrating screen with high precision, providing time-synchronized data.


The system only requires a simple one-time installation using magnetic mounts, and it is completely maintenance free.

Complete System

ReVibe ANURA is a complete system with all necessary components for quick and easy setup. A one-stop-shop for monitoring.

System overview

System overview revibe connect mining platform

Customer dashboard

All relevant data is displayed in an online dashboard. The end-user can easily monitor all its assets and plan maintenance actions well ahead. 

ReVibe cloud services

ReVibe Energy’s cloud services are where all data is being processed and analyzed. Data is being processed with security aspects in mind to ensure that your data is always safe.

On-site gateway

The local gateway receives all the data that is collected by the wireless sensor nodes. The gateway is constantly connected to ReVibe’s cloud services and transfers the data through secure protocols.

Screen sensor system

Each vibrating screen will be fitted with up to 8 sensor nodes and collect vibration and temperature measurements. The data is being collected continuously, thus allowing the user to understand every aspect of the vibrating screen.


why our customers choose ReVibe ANURA

Avoid breakdowns

By continuously monitoring the condition of the vibrating screen, the user will be able to plan its maintenance in accordance with the technical needs and avoid breakdowns.

Time synchronized

The data ReVibe ANURA generate from different parts of your vibrating screen is time synchronized with a precision, allowing you to compare the status of different parts oil real-time.

Optimise performance

Utilize the insights generated by ReVibe ANURA to optimize the performance of your vibrating screen & maximize profitability.

Remote monitoring

The fit-and-forget system allows for remote access which means that you can plan maintenance efforts without being on site. All you need is an internet connection to access your dashboard. ​


Integrate the data generated from directly into your own system through our API.

Interested in ReVibe ANURA?

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ReVibe ANURA is the perfect system to monitor your vibrating screens and ensure that you avoid unplanned downtime and catastrophic breakdowns. 

Self-powered system

Machine Health Diagnostics


Complete system

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