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This is a shop for you who are interested in acquiring one or several evaluation kits, or are in need of our assistance when it comes to measuring vibrations in order to understand if vibration energy harvesting is the right choice for you.

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  • Are you in need of a reliable power source that can withstand the harshest of environments? Then modelA is the product for you. Please choose your desired frequency and acceleration below. The evaluation kit contains the following products:
    • One (1) modelA harvester
    • One (1) Lemo connecting cable with two open ends

    The modelA is currently out of stock - please reach out for a quotation! 

  • The modelD is designed to power your sensor systems and is adapted depending on the vibrational environment. Please choose desired frequency and acceleration in the drop down menus below. The evaluation kit contains the following products:
    • One (1) modelD harvester
    • One (1) modelD holder
    • One (1) Lemo connecting cable with two open ends
  • The modelQ is a miniaturized but yet powerful harvester that has been developed to operate in the most demanding areas in terms dimensions of the harvester. Measuring only 25x25x25 mm it's a small but powerful product that is perfectly suited to power wireless sensor/monitoring systems . The evaluation kit contains the following products:
    • One (1) modelQ harvester
    • One (1) modelQ holder
    • One (1) connecting cable with two open ends
  • The IoT development Kit has been created for you - the experimental user who wants to test out energy harvesting in combination with sensor functionalities. The kit provides an easy-to-use platform where you will receive one modelD harvester (tuned for your desired center frequency), a S6AE101A PMIC (Power Management Integrated Circuit) designed for energy harvesting and a Cypress BLE-Module that transmits sensor readings from the node to any device capable of receiving BLE signals. The kit also comes with a USB port controller device which can be connected to a PC where the signals can be received if a mobile bluetooth receiver isn't available. Features:
    • one (1) modelD harvester
    • Holder for modelD
    • Industrial grade connector
    • Connecting cable from the harvester to the BLE/PMIC
    • Energy harvesting motherboard from Cypress including these components
      • S6AE101A ultra low power Energy Harvesting PMIC
      • CYBLE-022001-00 EZ-BLE PRoC Module
      • CY7C65213 USB-UART LP Bridge Controller
      • MB39C022G LDO
    • BLE-USB Bridge from Cypress including these components
      • CY8C58LP PSoC 5LP
      • CYBL10162 PRoC BLE
    • USB Standard A to Mini-B cable