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This is a shop for you who are interested in implementing ReVibe’s harvesters in your products or product development processes. Below, you’ll find a selection of products that are designed to meet the needs of our global customer base regardless if you’re looking for an evaluation kit or a more in-depth product integration into your development process.

If you are to buy a larger volume of units from us, the prices will be significantly lower than the prices for our evaluation kits found below. For high volume pricing, please reach out to us!




The modelD harvester is designed to be able to harvest kinetic energy from vibrations even at the low accelerations and frequencies often found in industrial environments. The modelD evaluation kit is the perfect purchase for the organisation that is looking into implementing vibration energy harvesting and are keen in experimenting with a state-of-the-art harvester.




The ReLog vibration data logger is the natural choice for the anyone who is looking for an easy-to-use but yet precise data logger to record shocks and vibrations with a superior accuracy battery life. With a sampling frequency of up to 25,000 Hz (in all three axes) and  over 70 hours battery life at full performance we are confident to say that the ReLog will not only meet, but exceed your expectations.



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NOTE: The pricing below is for the evaluation kits only. For pricing information for higher volumes, please reach out to us!

  • Each new ReLog unit is calibrated before being shipped from our facilities. However, as this type of instrument normally is exposed to harsh environments in terms of vibrations, shocks high temperatures and even radiation there is a slight risk that changes in sensitivity and accuracy can occur. As a result, we recommend that each ReLog is periodically checked and calibrated at least once every year. The timing does, of course, depend on how the unit has been used but one year works well as an average. This is best performed by shipping the unit back to us for recalibration at our facilities. The recalibration will ensure sensitivity and accuracy to remain at such a level that you can rely on the ReLog. At the same time, we will take the opportunity to apply any relevant updates to the software/firmware that we've made since dispatching the unit to you. If you need it, we will, of course, include additional mounting screw and mounting tape.
  • Power your IoT applications with ReVibe's harvesters

    Never has it been easier to power an IoT application by using vibrations! ReVibe's products are state-of-the-art harvesters that allows the user to harvest ambient vibrations and turn them into electricity. This electricity can be used to power most wireless sensor systems on the market.

    On-site support included - a full day workshop

    With the development kit you will get a full day workshop where we help you understand the possibilities with using vibration energy harvesting and ReVibe's products in particular. We will go through everything from a basic introduction to understand the benefits with energy harvesting with your applications in mind, learning about how to use the harvester and finally how it can be implemented into your operational environment. In order to make sure the harvester is tuned perfectly for your environment we will perform a vibration evaluation (if the vibration profile is made available) and adapt the unit in accordance with the results.

    What's included:

    • Vibration analysis and tuning prior to delivery
    • On site delivery and support during installation and evaluation
    • Hands on workshop: Implementing vibration energy harvesting into your applications
    • One modelA, modelD or modelQ evaluation kit:
      • 1 harvester with AC output
      • Aluminium holder for easy mounting
      • Industrial grade connecting cable
    What if the list of included features doesn't suit you?  No worries! Reach out to us and we'll make sure to find a good fit. The most important aspect is for you to be able to try ReVibe's products with the full support from our staff.
  • Are you in need of a reliable power source that can withstand the harshest of environments? Then modelA is the product for you. Please choose your desired frequency and acceleration below. The evaluation kit contains the following products:
    • One (1) modelA harvester
    • One (1) Lemo connecting cable with two open ends

    The modelA is currently out of stock - please reach out for a quotation! 

  • The modelD is designed to power your sensor systems and is adapted depending on the vibrational environment. Please choose desired frequency and acceleration in the drop down menus below. The evaluation kit contains the following products:
    • One (1) modelD harvester
    • One (1) modelD holder
    • One (1) Lemo connecting cable with two open ends
  • The modelQ is a miniaturized but yet powerful harvester that has been developed to operate in the most demanding areas in terms dimensions of the harvester. Measuring only 25x25x25 mm it's a small but powerful product that is perfectly suited to power wireless sensor/monitoring systems . The evaluation kit contains the following products:
    • One (1) modelQ harvester
    • One (1) modelQ holder
    • One (1) connecting cable with two open ends
  • The ideal vibration data logger for capturing and monitoring vibrations, shocks, and impacts. With superior battery life and 128 GB of memory, the ReLog is the perfect tool for monitoring vibrations in most environments. It has been designed to be extremely easy to handle and by the touch of a button, you will be up and running and measuring with up to 25,000 Hz sampling rate. This equals to more than 60 billion data points! With its waterproof housing (IP67) there really are very few limitations to where you can use the ReLog! And when you're done measuring the included software will make sure you have perfectly structured files that are easy to analyze and work with.