The easiest way to evaluate self-powered IoT evaluation kits

Evaluate how vibrations can power an entire sensor system

Highlighted features

Power through vibrations

Turning vibrations
into electricity

Storing excess energy in
a capacitor during operation

Bluetooth connectivity

Continuously communicating sensor measurements via BLE

Smartphone app available
to monitor sensor values

Performance evaluation

Monitor AC and DC output
from the harvester module

Measure output at different
vibrations levels

We are immensely proud of this new and improved line of evaluation kits. We have focused on making things as easy as possible for you as the user and have created an autonomous unit where you can evaluate: 1) harvested energy (AC and DC), 2) the harvesters ability to power a sensor node, and 3) evaluate the performance via a mobile app
Andreas Vikerfors
Head of Product Development

Technical specifications:

vibration energy harvesters

Highly efficient DC/DC power management control

Integrated sensors and wireless communication​


Please note that this datasheet concerns the modelC. It does however display the complete functionality of all three products.
New datasheets for modelD and modelQ will be introduced as soon as possible

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